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The two extremes of the path of the gods are Nocelle (upper fraction of Positano) at about 440 meters above sea level, and the easternmost part, Bomerano (fraction of Agerola) at about 600 meters above sea level.

There are various theories on how to undertake the famous “path of the gods”, from which side to start or how to deal with it.

In any case, its beauty is intrinsic, and what changes substantially, in my opinion, is the way to live the experience, to interact with the locals, to come into contact with nature, to understand its history and legend.

The path of the Gods that I usually propose offers two possible options, both of which foresee the beginning and the end in the same place (in this case Nocelle).

This offers a number of advantages, especially for those who stay in the nearby areas (Positano, Praiano, Sorrento …), but also for those who want to travel with a transfer or have a scooter or a car.

Returning to the same place of departure facilitates travel by public or private transport.

A last advantage consists in enjoying, in the beautiful, rural, and placid Nocelle of a large slice of walk completely immersed in the peace of the morning that here is just waking up.

But without going further, here are the two possibilities:

  • Path of the Gods “Loop”:

A more palatable option for the most trained or otherwise for those who like to walk.

It consists of following the path from Nocelle to an area locally known as “Colle Serra” (now half-way past the path) and from there continue along a path considered as the “high variant” of the commonly-visited path of the gods, since it is located 100 meters higher. The views are breathtaking, as much as possible, more than those visible from the “low path”.

It is also a path suitable for those who suffer from vertigo, being less exposed.

After following this alternative path for about 1.5 km you will be connected to the regular path back towards Nocelle.

  • Path of Gods & the shepherd experience:

For those who are not only interested in the sporting side of the trek or who do not just want to walk, but live a richer and more unique local experience, this is the experience that will make you happy.

After walking up to the middle of the path enjoying the challenge, the adrenaline and the incomparable views, we enjoy a well-deserved rest in what is the ruins of a mountain residence, inherited from a family of shepherds of four generations ago.

With the admiration of the majority, they continue an ancestral profession that no one today has the courage or passion to carry on.

Thanks to a large herd of goats that graze, feed and milk, they produce a real homemade goat cheese, without using any chemical agent or industrial system, but only with sacrifice, patience and love.

The experience consists in stopping to taste these real local products, leaving a well-deserved offer to the family and enjoying everything in a unique, genuine environment with the ever-present vivid blue of the landscape.

With happy and rested bellies you go back to Nocelle.

Obviously, for those who want an experience on the path of the gods totally personalized and tailored to their own desires, they can contact me to organize a Personalized Private Tour.

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€ 40/ person

The group excursion will be carried out upon reaching a minimum 2 people up to a maximum 10 people

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to your needs

You can book a private tour to enjoy the exclusively tour.

The private tour requires an exclusive reservation with a fixed participation fee that varies according to the number of people:

  • 1 or 2 people from: € 150.00;
  • from 3 to 6 people from: € 190.00.
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